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Creative agency 劇本創作
Youtube video 媒體平台影片
TV commercials TV ad 電視廣告
MV music video 音樂特輯
TV program 電視節目
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Corporate video企業宣傳片
Documentary video 紀錄片
Micro Movie production微電影製作
Making of 水活動花絮拍攝

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JUST Production is a Hong Kong based video production house, that established in 2014. JUST Production providing one-stop video production, animation production, video promotion, live broadcast and self-media production. Founder and Director of JUST Production video production house, Jarco Siu, who graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, majoring in Creative Digital Media Design.


The video production team is composed of a group of people who are full of creativity, artistic sense and get with the times. Our team is an experienced video production team, including professional videographers, visual producer, editors, script writers, producers and directors.


In these 8 years, JUST Production video production hk produced more than 5,000 promotional videos of various types, for more than 650 commercial organizations, non-profit organizations, and academia in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Macau, and the United States. Our video production company have maintained close video production cooperation with TVB, HOY TV for a long time, including drama series, infotainment programs, TV commercials, MV, animation, etc. Nevertheless, our video production house includes cooperating video production with HKTVmall online shopping platform to produce all live programs and advertisements.


If you are looking for a top-notch video production house in Hong Kong, JUST Production is your go-to company for all your video production needs. JUST Production has 15+ clients in Hong Kong, definitely is one of the trustworthy video production companies that can strength your brand. Clients can rest to entrust video production and promotion plans to our professional and reliable video production team. In wide verity of video product house Hong Kong, JUST Production helps their clients to use media to drive their brand growth across media platforms.


JUST Production has all the necessary resources, equipment, and video production expertise in complex projects while maintaining high standards of quality and creativity, to handle projects of all sizes while compare to other video production company Hong Kong. Due to the creativity, video production professional skills, and top-notch technology, JUST Production stands out from other video production companies. We are committed to delivering high-quality videos that meet and exceed our clients' expectations, which we are confident this is the point we stand out from other video production houses Hong Kong.


Still considering which video production house Hong Kong is better? Why don’t give a chance to JUST Production, your reliable video production company hk and a video production hk JUST for you.



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